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Understanding an Playing Chopin, Sun 27 Nov followed by 24 Preludes & Schumman

Started by David Pinnegar, November 27, 2010, 04:44:33 PM

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David Pinnegar

Dear Friends

For those who have been unable to come to Hammerwood for recent concerts, YouTube links are below. The Cancer fundraising concert raised over £340 split between Macmillan Cancer Support and St Catherines and if you would like to donate whilst listening to the recordings on YouTube, there is a link to Macmillan from each.

On Sunday at 3pm Adolfo Barabino at Emerson College in Forest Row is giving a talk "Understanding and Playing Chopin". This is followed by Michele D'Ambrosio playing Schumann - Carnaval - and Chopin's 24 preludes. Michele played Beethoven with Adolfo in the summer and this is a _must_ go to recital. YouTube of Michele is below.

We have avoided Sunday 28th Nov and also the Sunday 5th December, when Adolfo is playing there, for concerts at Hammerwood so that you can go there instead.

The next Hammerwood concert is 17 year old John Clark Maxwell playing the Organ with a seasonally joyous virtuoso performance.

Please take children to hear Michele and Adolfo: - why?

In the past decade, take up of musical instruments at schools has dropped 75%! Young generation have NO IDEA about any classical music at all. We are severely on the brink of terrible cultural loss. Who can do anything about it? YOU! Yes - we can do something, but it has to be a community effort. I have tried to interest both state schools in East Grinstead with no response. At least one EG primary school has noone who can play a piano, and has no instruments. The director of music at one of the posh private schools with a good musical heritage was sacked, replaced by a drum banging brigade. Another private school has lost interest with change of musical director.

Michel d'Ambrosio at Emerson in the summer:
Beethoven, Prokofiev, Chopin and Schumann
and playing Chopin

Adolfo's masterclass pupil played at Emerson a couple of weeks ago and came to record the Four Chopin Ballades and Scherzi at Hammerwood afterwards. Truly astounding performances and very beautiful:
You can go to and follow the video responses

Jeremy Filsell's organ recital was incredible.
Of course it's not the same through small computer speakers . . . so please do try to come to real recitals! He played some very beautiful Bach, some exciting works by David Briggs and a really fun piece
which I had never heard before

Finally Paul Austin Kelly and Martin Isepp, raising funds for the cancer charities were really superb - and Martin's accompaniment was exquisite.
The Haydn starts rather severely but becomes very beautiful
as does the Benjamin Britten
Drink to me only with thine eyes is an old favourite:
and the Strauss songs
struck me with great beauty.

Hope to see some familiar faces on Sunday at Emerson . . . ! And by the way, a trip to the cinema might be interesting:
in which features the Hammerwood 128ft Self Destruct stop of the organ!

Best wishes

David P



Thanks for posting these.  There's just one problem - I can't keep up!  Having just finished listening to Jeremy's recital & the subsequent ones, I now find you've posted even more!  I will get round to viewing them at some point - but probably not for a few days!

Keep up the good work.

Every Blessing


David Pinnegar


I have placed a link to the recording of the Chopin 24 preludes in the Temperament section.

Here is the Schumann:

Does it work in Unequal Temperament? To my ears does it become more orchestral?

Best wishes

David P