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New members - it would be great to introduce yourselves here

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It's great to be able an increasing number of organ enthusiasts into the forum and we hope that you'll make postings of any organ news of which you're aware . . . There are concerts going on in all sorts of places, for instance, and it would be great to hear about them and the instruments that they're being played on . . . etc.

However, among new members we've seen a pattern of new members joining the forum merely as another branch of SEO operations to obtain back links to Remove Fat Fast Pills and the like websites. That is not the function of this or any other forum and we have removed a number of such user accounts today. If yours happens to have been deleted by accident, please rejoin.

It's great if new members might introduce themselves here and tell us about your organ interests . . . and of course this will assist in our recognition of your genuine interest in due course when we have to take editorial decisions based on mere appearances. . .

Best wishes

Forum Admin

OK there Mr Administrator, I'm complying with your request, the first one it seems!

I registered earlier today and have been on the site ever since then, nearly five hours, without even a coffee or lunch break.   It's addictive, so far I've read lots of things I agree with, some which made me laugh and even weep and I've posted three comments already.

My main organ teacher was H.A. Bate (Jennifer's father) and I learned clarinet with Dr John Auton at Chigwell School.   I'm now well into retirement age and have mostly always earned my pennies from music in some shape or form.   I have sung in the choirs of New College Oxford, Ely and Wells Cathedrals and been organist of quite a few churches since the age of 21.  The most important was St. Bartholomew's Brighton, a fantastic, high in all senses church, with a Vienese musical tradition i.e. Mozart, Schubert, Hummel, Weber etc etc. every week.  I was more or less driven away from there by an eccentric (possibly mad) priest and went over to Norway for three and a half years, where an ordinary organist has status and salary - or at least they did in the 80's, maybe things are different now.

I have taugh, played, recited, conducted (choirs, choral societies, orchestras) and even spent time in a record shop and as a welfare worker for the Church Army in Germany.   For a while I worked with Harry Mudd and Abbey records, writing sleeve notes and also some producing of 45's and LPs of organ and choral music.

Although I left my last church appointment five years ago I still get asked to 'help out' at several churches in my area -   which is Somerset, Dorset, Devon borders.

I'm being boring now so won't go on.   Is this the sort of thing you hoped 'newbies' would write?

............. John

Barrie Davis:
Hi John

Welcome to the forum, your introduction was most informative and thankyou for taking the time.

I have read your post about Crewkerne and I have to admit that situation makes me want to cry.

I met H A Bate once at St Marys Shrewsbury, he was an excellent organist and I am pleased that his daughter is now looking after the organ he designed.

I hope you will enjoy this site and contribute when you feel able. (It is addictive!!!!)

Best wishes


David Pinnegar:
Dear John

Thanks so much for introducing yourself! And also for letting us know how addictive the site is - and thanks for all so far for contributing to that. (It is appropriate whilst thanking people to mention that we owe a lot to NonPlayingAnorak also, for starting off some controversies which got discussions going . . . ).

This place is intended to be no comfortable consencus, other than in finding and spreading enthusiasm for the King of Instruments, no self appreciation society nor a place where any vested interests reign. So WELCOME!

We often notice a large number of guests visiting the site with few members logged in and it's nice to know that people are genuinely interested in organs. Recently there were a curious number of new members of which the clue to their interest was indicated only by an email address including the phrase "backlinkfactory" and registered websites went through to strangely irrelevant subject areas . . . The site administrator is still wondering whether a couple of the latter remaining undeleted are genuinely interested in organs, so it would be great to hear from such members that they are!

However, there's an argument that perhaps one should permit the blacklink freeloaders to register and then put Google Ads on the site, as they're likely to click through to anything, and the returns would contribute towards the cost of the server!  8)

Better to have real members like yourself, though, so WELCOME!

Best wishes

David P

I don't know if it would help but certainly some of the forums I am on let people join only when they have answered [ correctly ]  some questions relevant to the forum they want to join.
this does seem to reduce the number of posts adverts for "enhancing products"
one of the problems with the internet is that it is easy for anyone to get an email address and unless you check you don't quite know who you are talking with.

regards Peter B

in case anyone needs to know a little more about myself, I've been a member of Eocs for about seven ? years now, originally trained as an electronics engineer. and have been fascinated with the Pipe Organ / Harpsichord / Reed organ for much longer.

--- Quote from: organforumadmin on March 09, 2011, 01:11:31 AM ---Hi!
It's great if new members might introduce themselves here and tell us about your organ interests . . . and of course this will assist in our recognition of your genuine interest in due course when we have to take editorial decisions based on mere appearances. . .

Best wishes

Forum Admin

--- End quote ---


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