Author Topic: EOCS is for pipe organ development not just electronics and Hauptwerk  (Read 3968 times)

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The London meeting of EOCS today was interesting and relevant to all sorts of people who aren't members (yet) or even this forum.

Today we heard in particular from Don Bray on lightweight console construction as a conventional console would fall through his floor . . . an issue relevant to many people building Hauptwerk instruments, and Keith Tomkinson who has been working on Midi periferal circuits, to convert Midi to output to drive pipe organ magnets, for instance, and touch stop screen switches not based on VDU to give a console, whether pipe with electronic control, electronic or Hauptwerk a familiar and cheap console layout and avoiding the expense of touch screen VDUs

We also heard from Trevor Hawkins who has designed a simple circuit for a pipe organ builder for holding electromagnets on and off by a push-button switch.

On the electronic front, mention was made that many organists familiar with electronic instruments have a preference for the old analogue free-phase designs rather than modern computer solutions as the computer solutions are not really free phase but are locked together. Members of the Society are working on this issue . . so join . . . and watch this space. Computer programmes might be redundant one day . . .

Best wishes

David P
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Re: EOCS is for pipe organ development not just electronics and Hauptwerk
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I look forward to the reviews in the EOCS magazine.  Pity I can't get to London very often these days.

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