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Albi cathedral, north east of Toulouse, France

Bouc Bel Air, near Aix-en-Provence, France

Rieti, north of Rome, Italy

St Mary's Metropolitan RC, Edinburgh

St Maximin, capital of organdom and the middle of nowhere in Provence, France


NPOR ( is the place to start looking for UK organs.  I'm one of the volunteer editors.  We currently list somewhere around 80,000 pipe organs that are or have been installed in UK buildings.

Every Blessing


P.S.  A link to NPOR from this site would be appreciated.

Dear Tony

NPOR - Yes of course - blatant act of senile omission. Where do you suggest? The banner line with Hauptwerk, Organ Concerts and KA all fits nicely - I suppose the line underneath but don't want a great list

Best wishes

Forum Admin

If that second line needs filler, you could add the Organ Historical Society also...


Watjen Concert Organ, Benaroya Hall, Seattle WA.  C.B. Fisk Opus 114


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