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Member seeking organ tuition in the Wolverhampton area

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David Pinnegar:
Dear All

A member emailed me yesterday asking if I knew anyone who might be able to give organ tuition in Wolverhampton . . .

I did suggest she post a new topic here but might have been too embarrassed to do so . . . ?

Anyway, all ideas and suggestions will be welcome.

Best wishes

David P

Barrie Davis:

Try Paul Carr, I will let her have details or there is Darren Hogg in Halesowen, hes has a web site.

Best wishes


barniclecompton: Try contacting Steve Tovey who should be able to help out in some way.

Jonathan Lane:
Best teacher in the area is Andrew Fletcher.


Barrie Davis:
Is he still in the area as hes left St Thomas Stourbridge?


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