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Life is like a potato sorter
« on: July 06, 2011, 07:35:01 PM »

I appreciate that some people might be put off and even turned away by my postings here in Atheist's Corner . . . but they are here because I hope they are helpful to some and if they're irrelevant to you, please simply enjoy the rest of the forum. Heresies here are by no means compulsory nor essential reading. However, with the absence of teaching in schools nowadays I know that there are young people who, if not merely getting the wrong end of the stick, are often simply put off looking at "Religion" and "God".

The former often has negative connotations (an atheist for whom I have a lot of respect but whose view is possibly only partial gave me the wisdom the other day that Religion is only for people without Faith . . . ) whilst intelligent people will often be turned off God on account of the way in which the subject is sometimes introduced at no higher than a kindergarten level. In not considering issues of God, many lose out - it all depends on a definition.

In the question of whether one believes in an "All Powerful, Invisible, Everywhere and Eternal" I have had to experience first hand in assisting with the result of an unbelief, a rejection in totality, leading to the person experiencing unconsciousness for 6 hours, being unable to see for a further 3, a subsequent total breakdown exposing brain function at only a subsconcious level akin to a "Hard Reset" of a computer rather in any way a "Standby" or "Hibernate". People in such a state can be so nihilistic that suicide can be a constant danger and the subject of recovery can only walk forward in the faith that they are going somewhere positive. It was this that caused me to write on the benefit of the Lord's Prayer to mental health,704.0.html
and, as a physicist akin to searching for the universal equations, an examination of God as a matrix of interactions - the study of relationships and circumstances:,450.msg3112.html#msg3112
At the bottom of,450.msg3113.html#msg3113
I remarked that life is like a potato sorter. Perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised that no-one dared me to explain, for perhaps an explanation might be helpful. . .

Perhaps few have seen a potato sorter - I only remember one from my youth seeing it at work on a smallholding - and it would probably be prohibited by health and safety nowadays. Can anyone find a photograph or diagramme?

It's an inclined plane with holes of increasing size through which potatoes drop according to size.

In the analogy, the potatoes with the smallest faith drop through the smaller holes at the beginning, and in the potato sorter of life, drop through to a conveyor belt carrying off those to be turned into crisps or chips. But there's a machine to rescue the fallen potatoes to put them back on the sorter with bigger faith so that they fall through later, or even get carried through to potato heaven to be planted to grow more good potatos. But the problem is that some potatoes don't manage to trigger the rescue machine and many don't liek reading the instructions.

Increasingly we have relied on the instructions inherent in Windows with the hints give at the top of the screen with a menubar rather than having to read the instruction book to learn the DOS commands. Unfortunately, life is more like DOS than Windows. . .

Best wishes

David P


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