Author Topic: Atheism, Theism and Deism are all the same: how to make friends and heaven  (Read 3635 times)

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This thread comes about on account of counselling some young people recently in respect of concepts of postive and negative outlooks.

One might sometimes observe that Darwinistic Atheism, which I regard to be true Atheism, and brands of Deism or Theism really all lead to the same end. The reason for this is that the process of evolution requires that only successful organisms survive, successful organisms being the ones that come together positively to replicate. In this way we see evolution as the set of solutions to a giant set of giant equations, and we now understand this to be, in effect, the action of a giant DNA computer
DNA computing is fundamentally similar to parallel computing in that it takes advantage of the many different molecules of DNA to try many different possibilities at once.
in terms of evolution on earth, on a giant scale.

The point is that behaviourally the organisms have to be successful enough to replicate and to behave on a macroscale in a sociable way in order to achieve the common good in order to ensure the success of the species.

In a belief requiring the agency of a God mechanism, the two commandments of Christ, to love thy God and to love thy neighbour as thyself lead to the respect of the processes by which we have arrived and to behave in the common good.

These observations might seem banal and irrelevant until one starts to examine the opposite and the basic Deist or Theist premise taht Good overcomes Evil. In Darwinistic Atheism this starts to be obvious, for the positive multiplies positively, multiplication being an additive process repeatedly. This leads to success but negative patterns don't add and therefore cannot multiply and therefore, die out. They might not be seen to die out immediately, but patient watching reveals them to do so in the longer term.

Sometimes one is tempted to say bad things. It becomes obvious from the above that bad things don't need to be said, because bad things will die out as long as good things multiply. So it's necessary to say and do good things.

The corrolary is the saying that "It only requires a good man to do nothing for evil to multiply".

The injunction about doing nothing is not an encouragement to fight evil, for fighting is evil, it causes argument and unhappiness. But by doing positive things, by saying positive things, good things will simply outnumber the bad and a state of heaven endures.

I have encouraged the people who have inspired the manifestation of such thoughts to slow down in their process of ideas into enunciation and think before speaking
  • "Is what I am about to say positive"
  • "Iswhat I am about to say kind?"
and if the answer to either is "no", not to speak.

People who follow this idea will gain many more friends than they have already, in real life and not just online, and they can avoid pointing out anything that they feel is bad for the reason that the good will simply outnumber the bad to the point at which the bad ceases to exist. This leads to a manifestation of heaven.

There are many people who lurk or don't participate on forums because they say that bad things are said - but if those people were to focus  not on what is bad but upon what good they could promote, then life would be a more constructive place.

Best wishes,

Four Foot
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