Author Topic: The organ and story telling for small children  (Read 2633 times)

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The organ and story telling for small children
« on: September 11, 2011, 01:15:08 AM »
An Organ Concert (not only) for Children

«Elfriede the Cherry»

Prof. Christiane Michel-Ostertun
Eva Martin-Schneider

After a story by Gerhard Engelsberger
Arranged by Eva Martin-Schneider
With music composed and performed by Christiane Michel-Ostertun
Elfriede the cherry is a very special cherry. She does not want to be eaten.
Instead, she learns English so that one day she can immigrate to Australia.
But everything turns out differently, because she falls in love with the
moon. Gerhard Engelsberger describes in his story just how she tries to
get to know the moon better and how the tired cherry finally turns into a
wonderful cherry tree.
This story is like «Peter and the Wolf» in that each character has her or
his own theme which we hear when the story speaks of that character.

What better way to become acquainted with the organ than with the help
of a story!

This special organ concert lasts about 30 minutes and is for all children
3 years old and older.

After the concert, Christiane Michel-Ostertun will speak of her other organ
concerts for children and will report on her experiences in numerous

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Re: The organ and story telling for small children
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