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Title: One Organ - Twelve Hands - One Piano - Two Hands!
Post by: squidgelet10 on February 17, 2014, 11:19:31 PM
Greetings each.
I have been having some dialogue with Claudio Brizi, the guy behind this promo:
You will likely need to watch it carefully to figure out what it's all about, 'cos it changes very quickly.
He contacted me "out of the blue" to ask me to help promote the organ: Gawd knows how?
It's a bit of a weirdo with three sets of keyboards!
Any ideas please?
He now tells me he is going to get a proper DVD sorted out during the Summer, after I asked him about one. Meanwhile, I am about the grab a copy of his CD. It's only available from Japan at around 27, although he has kindly agreed to get one to me from Italy for 16.50 (including postage). :-)
Enjoy, if you appreciate classical music, like wot I do.
Be good!
Mike C.
PS Some "purists" may question the tuning of piano here? I suspect the organ is not tuned to A-440, as is often the case, whereas the piano likely is.