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FOR SALE and WANTED / Dismantling Four-Manual Concert Organ For Spares.
« on: February 27, 2014, 11:33:52 AM »
Greetings each.
We are currently unfortunately dismantling a Wyvern for spares.
Anyone interested please keep eyes on Ebay.
Some items already listed:


More to come, including manuals; tabs/mechanisms/pistons etc, mostly KA components.
Be good! :-)

Greetings each.
I have been having some dialogue with Claudio Brizi, the guy behind this promo:
You will likely need to watch it carefully to figure out what it's all about, 'cos it changes very quickly.
He contacted me "out of the blue" to ask me to help promote the organ: Gawd knows how?
It's a bit of a weirdo with three sets of keyboards!
Any ideas please?
He now tells me he is going to get a proper DVD sorted out during the Summer, after I asked him about one. Meanwhile, I am about the grab a copy of his CD. It's only available from Japan at around 27, although he has kindly agreed to get one to me from Italy for 16.50 (including postage). :-)
Enjoy, if you appreciate classical music, like wot I do.
Be good!
Mike C.
PS Some "purists" may question the tuning of piano here? I suspect the organ is not tuned to A-440, as is often the case, whereas the piano likely is.

Electronic Organs / Re: 1987 Wyvern Touring Organ - Four Manual Console.
« on: February 17, 2014, 08:56:26 PM »
Hi David.
Thanks for your response. I have never heard of EOCS, but have had a quick "butcher's" so will perve it more later.
How long have I got (as I am notorious for my rambling!)?
I am really glad I have gotten hold of you. :-) I wish I had known of you and your website back in 2008, when I launched the original restoration project for England's OLDEST Wurlitzer Cinema Organ at Beer (Devon) !
Co-incidentally young Ben Scott, who was later briefly associated with the project, has already acquainted himself with your own "house" organ I notice.
Fortunately I was recently made aware of your good self and by and old organist friend, Nigel Parkin.
I have uploaded three pix here, as I won't touch Fake Book with the proverbial "barge pole":
The guy I mentioned who inspected the beast is actually Colin Peacock (MD Renatus Ltd) and knows Wyvern organs inside-out, which isn't always the best way to know 'em! This particular beast is the first organ he worked on when he joined Wyvern Organs as an apprentice in 1987, so I don't think I will get any better help or advice than I have already received from him. :-(
He has already said that the inbuilt processors are basically screwed, hence my original question: Do I flog it as one unit, or part it out?
I am located in dear old (flooded) Somerset.
Stay good!
Mike C.

Electronic Organs / 1987 Wyvern Touring Organ - Four Manual Console.
« on: February 17, 2014, 02:50:03 PM »
Greetings each.
I recently purchased this instrument at auction, following the death of the owner.
It operates on what is now a rather primitive version of the Bradford Computing System, although it was the best of its kind at that time.
Cosmetically it is in A1 condition but does not presently function.
I have had it thoroughly checked over by one of the guys who helped to build it when it was still only a prototype: there were only four production models constructed anyway.
I have been advised that if I throw enough money at it there might be a chance it will function again, although there can be no guarantee of this. It will also require ongoing maintenance.
His best advice is that I gut the thing and sell it on as a Haupwerk conversion project which is what I feel inclined to do, if only to recover my initial costs.
I would naturally prefer to have the organ working, but that does not seem destined to happen as I don't have that sort of money at my age.
Does anyone have any bright ideas please?
Do I sell as a complete console? Parts/Whatever?
I have pix available, but have a problem uploading 'em here.
Many thanks.
Be good!
Mike C.

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