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Title: Donors Choose the Program For Benefit Organ Concert
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Joseph Vitacco, Chair of the Organ Committee, has spearheaded the restoration project. His own love of organ music — sparked by childhood visits to Our Lady of Refuge — inspired him to found JAV Recordings in 1997. The company pairs premier musicians with pipe organs around the world. For him, restoring the Kilgen Organ is as much about the future as the past.

“At one time, Brooklyn had 900 pipe organs — 900! It’s hard to imagine,” says Vitacco. The instruments were in public schools, auditoriums, concert halls, museums, movie theaters and houses of worship of all denominations. Of all of those instruments, only about 70 are still in use (in various states of repair) in a city of 2.5 million.

Advance tickets are $20 for the concert; $30 for the post-concert reception. Tickets at the door for the concert are $25.

Visit for more information.

I figured I would quote what I felt was the most compelling part of the concert announcement...