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Next Saturday 19th June at 7.30pm come and hear David Gammie play at St Johnís Duncan Terrace, Islington. Free entry with collection.
Camille Saint-SaŽns (1835 - 1921)
Rhapsody in D, Op. 7/2 (from 3 Rhapsodies on Breton Folksongs)
Fantaisie in E flat
​Con moto - Allegri di molto e con fuoco
ĎPro Defunctisí, Op 150/6 (from 7 Improvisations)
Prelude & Fugue in E flat, Op. 99/3
Marcel Duprť (1886 - 1971)
Final, Op. 27/7 (from 7 Pieces)
Prelude & Fugue in F minor, Op. 7/2
Invention in A major, Op. 50/11 (from 24 Inventions)
DeuxiŤme Symphonie, Op. 26
​Preludio  -  Intermezzo  -  Toccata

A former Scholar of Winchester College and Balliol College, Oxford, David Gammie began playing the organ as a young teenager, and gave his first public recital in London in 1968, when he was 16. He graduated with a degree in Classical Art and Literature, but music has been the focus of his life for the past 40 years. A competition prize in the 1970s led to his joining the BBCís roster of organists in the days when Radio 3 broadcast two recitals every week; in 1977 he gave the first British broadcast of Franz Schmidtís monumental Chaconne, and in 1980 another first - the first programme to be entirely devoted to the music of Charles Tournemire. Since 2001 David has been Organist and Assistant Director of Music at the Sacred Heart Church in Wimbledon (home to another famous Walker organ, but very different from this one). His solo performances there have included some of the great masterpieces of Catholic sacred music, including Messiaenís Holy Trinity Meditations, Tournemireís Seven Last Words, Duprťís Stations of the Cross, Maleingreauís Passion Symphony, and Petr Ebenís Job. He also enjoys working with other musicians; highlights have included a Handel Concerto with the London Mozart Players, the Saint-SaŽns Symphony with the Wimbledon Symphony Orchestra, and in 2013 a rare performance of Franz Schmidtís spectacular Fuga Solemnis for organ and 18 brass instruments. In his parallel career as a writer, David has written booklet notes for over 100 CDs, and programme notes for all of Thomas Trotterís Birmingham City recitals since 1983. In another long-standing collaboration with the late John Scott at St. Paulís Cathedral, he has written commentaries on the complete organ works of Buxtehude, Bach, Frank, Widor, Vierne and Messiaen. This year his comprehensive survey of the music of Marcel Duprť has been reprinted in New York to accompany Jeremy Filsellís performance of the complete works at St. Thomas, 5th Avenue.
Organs in danger / Re: ORGAN STOPS - saving the King of Instruments
« Last post by James Dawson on June 15, 2021, 09:17:24 AM »
Hi Alex,

Thanks you for your interest. The film is showing at film festivals at the moment and then will be realised probably on a streaming website site for purchase - e.g. Amazon.

For the Autumn and Spring (hopefully once Covid is not a concern) we are trying to arrange screenings alongside organ recitals in various locations (churches/town halls etc)  - if you'd like to do that please let me know and we can arrange.  It's going to do a sort of country-wide Road-Show with key contributors coming along to the Q & A. 

Hammerwood would be a great location so I am talking to David about this possibility!

Best wishes

Organ registration / Re: Vox Humanas are horrible
« Last post by David Pinnegar on June 13, 2021, 09:17:08 AM »
The trouble is that sounds and techniques of achieving them change greatly.

The Italian Vox Umani is two flute pipes beating against each other.

The reed version also needs a flute to beat against. If this is done properly as at St Maximin, the sound is sublime. The pipe is very similar to the Cromorne, the transition from Krumhorn to Clarinet, and again at St Maximin built by Isnard in 1775 the sound is sublime.

If anyone has the Hauptwerk St Maximin sampleset perhaps someone might be able to demonstrate. Whilst playing the real instrument the rank of Cromorne is right behind the bench and unsuspectingly one jumps out of one's seat whilst playing.

Best wishes

David P
Organ registration / Re: Vox Humanas are horrible
« Last post by revtonynewnham on June 13, 2021, 08:37:20 AM »

There are Vox's and Vox's!  Authentic registration is a good thing - if the organ you're playing has the relevant authentic voices!  Otherwise it's down to compromise and listening to see what works in the context.

The Vox Humana does seem to have fallen out of favour in recent organs.  Not sure why.  They have their uses.  Also, the Vox Humana (often voiced differently to that in classical organs) is a key component in the cinema organ sound.

Every Blessing

Organ registration / Re: Vox Humanas are horrible
« Last post by dragonser on June 13, 2021, 07:55:48 AM »
I can only assume that People's taste may have changed over the years ? But it is a good question as to whether the " Authentic" registration should always be used ?
I don't know !
Organ registration / Vox Humanas are horrible
« Last post by Nazard Celeste on June 12, 2021, 11:16:54 PM »
I have never seen the point of them after over 40 years of organ scholarship and professional playing. Human voice? More like a dying crow. Organists use 'correct' sounds regardless of whether they're any good -- one of the various foibles of our profession that tend to drive away audiences.
What became of it, any idea?
Local Organist Associations / Asia? Africa? etc.
« Last post by Nazard Celeste on June 12, 2021, 11:12:21 PM »
If anybody here can enlighten us on the state of organist orgs outside the 'first world' it'd be great, notably in Latin America. I fear there's simply nothing there anymore.
Organ Music and Repertoire / Re: Repertoire for Single Manual with Pedals
« Last post by Nazard Celeste on June 12, 2021, 11:00:10 PM »
The sky's the limit. Raid piano and harmonium lit -- also harp, guitar etc.
In case you haven't already gotten all these, here's the Britten

Watch that page for the others, create and save searches for them in Ebay and note the 'save this search' link. Write publishers and ask them to reissue. Write performers and ask if they know where to purchase -- searching these items almost exclusively brings up recordings, huh. 
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