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Small Pipe Organ Wanted

Started by Bourdon, May 24, 2014, 10:10:47 PM

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Currently looking for a small pipe organ, perhaps chamber sized for a Baptist Chapel in Bedfordshire.

We unfortunately have a severely limited budget, but would love a small organ that's in reasonable condition.

If you know of any, please let us know.


Perhaps Google Paul Derrett.  He has some instruments in his workshop near Hull.



Very pleased to see a Baptist  Church that's not getting rid of it's organ!  The IBO redundant organs page is a good place to start.  Organ builders may also have suitable instruments in stock.  It might also be worth talking to the local Anglican Diocesan Organs Advisor - they often know if there are instruments available.

A few months ago, you could have considered the organ  from here - but it's now on its way to Australia.

Let me know if I can help further.

Every Blessing



Hi again,

I've responded to your enquiry about my house organ, but have just remembered that a church in Bristol had (before Christmas), a chamber organ which had been donated to them some time back, and which they were trying to re-home.  I could probably find out more if you're interested.



Thanks for all your help!

Nigel - If you could find out anymore details it would be great
Tony - Never thought of speaking to the Anglican Diocesan Organs Advisor, I will endeavour to contact them. Thank you for the idea
Gwas_Bach - I've had a look at Paul Derrett's website but couldn't see anything suitable. Thanks for the idea though



Paul has asked me to tell you to contact him directly - he doesn't always advertise all that he's got.  Details on this page (  I hope that's a help.

Best wishes,


Fired an email off to him - wait to see if he has anything suitable.

Thanks for the recommendation, its appreciated.



i might possibly have one available soon (though might not be small enough), i have tried to upload a pic here but doesnt seem to be accepted, so if interested please contact me