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Compton Pedal Diaphone

Started by Voxceleste, February 09, 2016, 07:52:00 PM

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Can anyone help me locate a redundant Compton Pedal Diaphone?


Possibly Worcester Cathedral? I thought there was one remaining there in the Transept case, just left when the new Harrison reed was installed.


Dear Terz,

Thank you very much for your suggestion. I wasn't aware the Worcester Diaphone was still there. I imagine it may be listed.

Not wishing to sound pedantic, I thought that rank was by Hope-Jones...? I'm particularly looking for a Compton Diaphone. Compton often put one on his theatre organs and there's one on his organ at Derby Cathedral too.


Vox Celeste



Try Kevin Grunhill for Compton parts (Google should find him & he's on Facebook)

Every Blessing



Yes; you are correct.  I should have mentioned it was not Compton.  Sorry for misleading you but I thought there might not be many redundant Diaphones around these days.

David Drinkell

There are probably various bits of ex-theatre organs available still.  I like diaphones - prompt, clear-speaking and effective.


Thank you both for your information. I really appreciate your interest and useful comments. 

I have no idea how many redundant Compton Diaphones are out there. For all I know they may be as rare as hen's teeth. I suppose only time will tell.

I too have grown to like Diaphones, although I have only come across examples by Compton.  I rate his highly as a most useful pedal stop bringing great depth and richness to the pedal line.

Thank you.


Barrie Davis

There is one at St Lukes, Cradley Heath I know parts of the organ have been sold already but am not sure about the Diaphones.


Thank you for your reply Mr Davis. Do you have contact details regarding the St Luke's organ? I contacted the Diocese of Worcester last year about this organ. They confirmed it had already been sold, but not to whom.



Barrie Davis

Sorry I cannot help you there, but after a conversation I had a few weeks ago I was told only parts of it had been sold.

Best wishes