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4 rank Noel Mander 1968, replaced by electronic piano

Started by David Pinnegar, July 09, 2016, 09:58:36 PM

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David Pinnegar


This was built by Noel Mander himself in 1968 at St Paul's Public School, Westminster, London. The school then gave it to St John the Baptist Church, Portland, Dorset in the early 1990's, (WWW.PORTLANDPARISH.ORG) and it is used occasionally for weddings, and funeral. But the church has now a new electronic piano, and this organ is surplus to requirement.

It is a Manuel Piped Organ ( Unenclosed) CC-G (56 NOTES)

Stopped diapason 8.

Principle 4

Nason 4

15th 2

Mechanical Action, Electrically blown. Stool included.

H:- 8'9" W: 6'7½ " D: 2'5"

The funds raised by the sale of this great pipe organ will go towards a new underfloor heating project. any questions or if you need to visit =- then please let me know. Rev Tim Gomm 07763232423



A portion of underfloor heating or a perfectly good mechanical action organ?  I know which I'd choose, but I have a nice thick coat for the winter months.

I suppose we all have our priorities.
A missionary from Yorkshire to the primitive people of Lancashire

Barrie Davis

David Drinkell

Quite curious!  This church had the big 3 manual Father Willis/Rushworth from the old St. Paul's School, which they acquired when the school moved to Barnes and Mander built a new organ in the Chapel (which has itself been moved to All Saints, Dulwich and enlarged by David Wells).  The little Mander referred to here was built for Colet Court School the prep department of St. Paul's, moved to Wathen Hall at St. Paul's and replaced by a 'continuo' organ of four stops built by Lammermuir.  At this point, it presumably went to Portland, replacing the big organ which may have needed major work doing to it.  There was talk of returning the big organ to St. Paul's as part of the re-ordering of the "new" school.


I have just 'bought' this on Ebay auction.  As a precaution, I Emailed the seller - seemingly the vicar - asking him to confirm that a faculty had been granted. No reply, so, before coughing up and collecting, I
checked with the Winchester Diocese, and found there not to be any.
It might well be helpful if forum members were to do likewise before any C of E organ is sold on Ebay:
at the very least, it might slow down swift and possibly ill-considered decisions?

Rob Lucas


Naughty.  I would be tempted to write to the Chancellor of the Diocese.  There seem to be many C of E clergy who are either ignorant of the rules or pretend to be.  The DAC tend to take a rather dim view - there was a huge case recently in the Gloucester Diocese which went to a Consistory Court over the sale of a picture bequeathed to the parish many years ago which a woman priest took a dislike to and tried to flog.  I read the Judgement online  - very interesting!  She and the wardens were heavily criticised and narrowly escaped legal proceedings.  Sorry you seem to have lost a rather wonderful instrument.

David Pinnegar

This is a case where the Diocese should be in full command of the facts and the decision making process. One problem is the increasing banality of priests descending into happy-clappydom without any idea of where they came from.


It's good to know that this forum is providing a useful function in bringing such things to light.

It's lucky for them that you had the foresight to ask about the faculty . . .

Best wishes

David P

Barrie Davis

I know of one organ that the DOA had said it must be kept and has been removed I assume without a faculty as I cannot see the DOA reversing his decision.


After an exchange of emails with the vicar, it would seem that due process will now be observed: however, although I offered 50% over the Ebay price when the faculty is sorted, the vicar seems intent on not honoring the sale .  Such is life.....
A quick phone call to the builder who installed it in the church revealed that 'it had taken quite a
battering', so caution is the order of the day.  He also mentioned that the big Willis found a home in Malta........nice to know some still value such things: a home abroad has to be better thatndestruction at home!


Very sad.  Future generations will curse the happy-clappies who have destroyed their heritage.  Small wonder that the Cof E is dying.

Jonathan Lane

Quote from: bobtheorganist on July 18, 2016, 12:37:56 PM
No reply, so, before coughing up and collecting, I
checked with the Winchester Diocese, and found there not to be any.

Incidentally, it is in Salisbury Diocese.


Salisbury and Winchester share a common Diocesan Registry - hence the right people were contacted!


Back on seems that the vicar has obtained the faculty this time!


Not long to go and still no bids.  We need to be watchful if it isn't sold - might they ditch it and say it was sold on ebay?