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Whilst people can't get into places for practice . . .

Started by David Pinnegar, April 28, 2020, 01:09:51 AM

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Hi, there are many things to worry about nowadays,
but this should certainly I think be one of them !
I guess the phrase " don't take anything for granted would apply "
on the Oragn related front, I still haven't got a basic practice Organ working.
regards Peter B


I was contacted by my Rector who said that guidelines now allow us to go in to church to check on the condition of our organs.
I have to enter by the side door, lock myself in, wash my hands and log my arrival and leaving times in the book provided.
I have no problem with giving the organ some generous excercise to check on it's well-being!
Probably two or three times a week would be a good regime at the moment!