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video clip of Cameron Carpenter on CBS

Started by dragonser, December 06, 2010, 01:41:35 AM

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I saw this posted on one of the pipe organ music lists and thought I would post here.

regards Peter B

David Pinnegar


Like him or . . . . he is certainly _succeeding_ in putting the organ on the map. I just hope that other organists don't feel they have to follow his style. . . . !

Best wishes

David P


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If you're looking for just the right balance between virtuosity and sheer, staggering, totally modest artistry, I suggest you look up Nathan Laube. He could play Cameron Carpenter off the map - and, in fact, he owes to CC only one thing, the fact that CC cancelled his UK tour two years ago at only six weeks' notice and the then 19-year-old Laube took it over with even less notice than that, and wowed everyone. I heard him at St Michael's Cornhill last week and was stunned by his playing... his own transcription of the Overture from Die Fledermaus, played from memory, then Franck's A Minor Choral, then Reubke's 94th Psalm Sonata (the latter two, forgivably, played from scores). His website and YouTube are both worth a look to get an idea of his playing, and transcribing skill.