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Some bedtime listening for you all

The depth of sound of the Notre Dame organ is quite amazing, and this pieces is fitting for such an amazing building and organ
I think you are all being a bit unfair to Cameron Carpenter.

Yes, most organ aficionados think he has no appreciation for what has gone before him and lacks etiquette and finesse in playing the classical organ repertoire, however he does stand out, he does try and raise an interest from outside the very small closeted world of the pipe organ, perhaps in vain but at least he is doing something different.

I have watched many of Cameron's videos online and seen him live a couple of times and whilst some of his performances seem to not tick the boxes of what is traditionally expected, he brings something new to the table. I suspect that as he grows older he may move away from technically showing off at every moment and become a more "normal" performer, but surely his ability to surprise people is a good thing especially if it draws new people in, surely that's what Sony was thinking when they recorded him.

The organ world needs contrast or it will become even more elitist than it already is. Whether you think he damages himself or the pipe organ is not really relevant, at least he is making people talk.

To coin a phrase "Marmite, you either love it or hate it!"
Organ concerts / Holy Name, Oxford Rd, Manchester
November 11, 2014, 09:54:58 PM
I would just like to bring to everyone's attention the series of organ concerts being held at The Holy Name church, Manchester.

Here is a link

Playing the Hill organ tomorrow will be Jeffrey Makinson of Manchester Cathedral, and I am fairly sure it is a 7.30pm start
FOR SALE and WANTED / Harold Walter Greenhill Idylle
October 18, 2013, 05:04:26 PM
Hello everyone

I'm on the hunt for a manuscript copy of Harold Walter Greenhill's piece Idylle , written in 1937 I think (taken from Two Pieces)

I recently heard this performed at Leeds Minster by Alan Horsey and was quite taken with it and would like to learn the piece, but I am struggling finding anyone who has a copy

If you have any leads please let me know

Many thanks
Excellent composition!

I wished my Musescore musings would come out that well

Will print them off and try and learn

Best Regards
Her performances were an inspiration to me and will be remembered and played for ever

For such a small person she could produce a mighty sound

May she rest in peace

It looks like a Nicholson & Lord, what a shame its wooden parts will probably end up to be used to restore furniture!


The more I think about this, I like it!
Capitalism, an easy way to obtain money, but may be a cry out from the pipe organ

Oh dear

probably a company run by accountants!

you could always use the free of charge musescore ,

Organ Builders / Re: brass wedges
August 01, 2012, 06:58:51 PM
I seem to remember that the rank of Nicholson & Lord Oboe pipes circa 1890 which I used to have had brass wedges

Hi Barrie

Its coming out of a church in Wythenshawe Manchester. I think we are going to leave the swell chamber in situ and not remove this as the shape will not really fit into the church its going into. We shall be building a new organ case to house the windchests. More to be revealed when I've got all the parts out and safe (the roof has been leaking in quite badly for a few years now)

Best wishes

I am about to commence the dismantling of a 1960's Rushworth organ with a mind to installation into another church.

My question is with regards to asbestos and the use of this material in building pipe organs. I know about the possibility of asbestos lining blower boxes, but does anyone know if the material was used to line swell chambers? Up until a few years ago it was used in all sorts of things (kitchen floor tiles, shed roofs, etc)

The organ we are dismantling has a fibrous board lining the inside of the swell chamber, and it dawned upon me that asbestos might be lurking, or am I just being paranoid?

Any advice would be most welcome

Best wishes


Quite an interesting video clip to see what a state of the art Rogers electronic organ sounded like in the 1970s

Oh and it involves Virgil Fox! (nice cravat!)

Quite stunning! Roger Fisher produces a magnificent performance on the organ at Chester cathedral
Organ registration / 32ft on a manual
June 28, 2012, 06:39:26 PM
Having purchased "The Emperor's Fanfare" and listened to Carlo Curley's performance on the Girard College Organ in Pennsylvania it made me think how many other instruments in the world have a 32ft stop available on the manuals?

I suppose this is an American thing, i.e. size is everything, but it seems to work with the romantic music CC was playing

Here is some of the specification for the Girard organ

Just answered my own question, Liverpool Anglican Cathedral (I suppose with that many ranks there had to be one on the manuals!)
I think its a completely new organ that KT is building in the cathedral and I believe its in the region of £ 1.5M, but I understand that things have not been completely finalised yet.

The town hall organ is a sad state of affairs, and with the current economic situation and council budget cuts it will probably languish in the same state unless some wealthy benefactor comes along; a real shame for a Cavaille Coll. I think maybe a bit of three dimension thinking is required on the part of the council, i.e. try to preserve our historic past for our future generations
Brannagans Bar has now closed and the building (Albert Hall) is now as I understand it completely vacant.

I have walked past the place on many occasions and wondered about the fate of the organ. The building is of architectural importance and has many wonderful features. I just hope the next incumbent uses the building including the organ as it would make a great live music venue and it comes with a significant organ

Best wishes