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The problem for the EOCS (Electronic Organ Constructors Society) is that the membership is dominated by folk of my age (70+) who are probably the last generation who actually used a soldering iron and built complicated things for themselves.   We used to add contacts to a keyboard, now you can buy a midi controller keyboard for 60 or so.  We used to build electronics to generate the frequencies and tones, now everyone just downloads and uses someone else's software package with real samples and the result is infinitely better.  It has never been easier for keen amateurs to put together a "Virtual Organ" that can fit into any home.  The EOCS knows this, but it must reach out to music schools, promote the late Carlo Curly, the current Cameron Carpenter and maybe a lot of other less showy professionals.  With the dwindling church membership, something must be done to make the young want to play organs.

Thanks - I will follow up.

I really disagree - us old analogue folk were/are trying to create virtual pipe organs - just in a different way.  The objective was always to recreate the sound of real pipes, wasn't it !  ( I started over 50 years ago )

Now we nearly all use sound samples, because the technology  is here to enable it.  Some do digital modelling too. 

Has the society really got a death wish?  VPOCS  can embrace every technology and no-one should feel left out.

EOCS - Electronic Organ Constructors Society / Re: Raspberry Pi organ
« on: August 12, 2015, 11:35:53 PM »
I'd like to follow this up, but that member's email doesn't work.
Can anyone help?

Call me eccentric, but I have always disliked the midi hardware interface.
It is essentially event-driven, and if for any reason one event is corrupted or missed, you get ciphers (notes stuck on).
I've always scanned keyboards directly from the host computer, and recently I needed to upgrade to a USB design.  If any fellow hobbyist is interested I have put propaganda and details on a corner of my website at
Although the interface was selfishly designed for my own circa 2000 VPO software, I have the ability to make the console appear to 3rd party software as a multi channel midi input, so aliens like Hauptwerk can run with it too. The whole console is scanned every 2 ms , so there's no traffic jam even with the most demanding music.  I'd welcome any comments.

I agree - we used to build organs in electronic hardware, now the best sound is from real organ samples and the term Virtual Pipe Organ has taken over.
So.... What about the VPOCS - Virtual Pipe Organ Constructor Society ?
VPO also suffers far less from the prejudice amongst musicians and music snobs that the term 'electronic organ' has always engendered.

I think that VPOCS opens the gate to a huge following, including all current members.


Bill Stuart-Bruges. 

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