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My user name is Ron fae Baddyfash, as you can probably guess I'm from Scotland but born in England.

Our church in Inverurie near Aberdeen is looking for a good home for our Compton Sonatina  type 357 Electrone  Organ, with a rotating mid & high range Rotofon speaker array. The Sonantina  was Comptom's  smallest Electrone model designed for pianists. It consists of a single manual split imto 2 sections to give the effect of a 2 manual and pedal instrument. It's fully working with every key and stop functioning however there is some noise from the  rotofon system (bearing lubrication?)  and possible mains hum from elderly smoothing capacitors in the PSU.
Some maintenance may be required. I believe it was installed from new in the late 60s ( I wasn't  there then). It's obvious in good condition and very original but has not been played for a very long time (also it's not been messed about with). I don't know much about it being an engineer rather than an organist, other than it has a transistor Amplifier rather than the more usual valve version, which may prove to be easier to maintain. I'll take a few photos of it and post these here. If anyone is interested in giving a new home to to this historic organ, please let me know.

Compton's Specification for the SONATINA ORGAN
2 in 1 Manual CC-C (61 notes) Automatic Base

Tromba        8                  Principal           4
Mixture        111 rks.       Dulciana           8
Fifteenth      2                 Gedeckt            8
Twelfth        2. 3/4           Diapason          8
Dulcat          4                 Geigen             16
Flute            4                 Mute

Celseta       4                 Clarinet            8
Flute           4                Concert Flute    8
Horn           8                  Flute              16
Oboe          8

Reverberation                  Bass P
Heavy Vibrato                  Bass MF
Light Vibrato
One balanced expression pedal operating on all stops.         

Timescales are not critical, we can possible hold on to it for a further 6 months as long as interested parties show their some intent. You can have it for free (subject to a small donation, we are a charity after all). You will be required to provide all transport as well as suitable labour to remove it from the church and load it in to your van.

If you would like to inspect the organ prior to shipment or include this visit as part of a holiday to Scotland, we would love to see you. We do live in a little known but very spectacular part of the UK with very many scenic and historical places to visit, with very little traffic as compared to England.
If you are interested in motoring, you may be interested in completing the "NC 500"  (Please Google), around the beautiful frilly top of Scotland, a once in a lifetime experience, but please pick up the organ on your return!

regards Ron.
Last post by Ron fae Baddyfash - February 26, 2024, 05:29:45 PM
My user name is Ron fae Baddyfash, as you can probably guess I'm from Scotland but born in England.
Our church in Inverurie near Aberdeen is looking for a good home for our Compton Electrone Organ. I believe it was installed from new in the early 60s ( I was not there then). It's obvious very original but has not been played for a very long time (also it's not been messed about with) so there may be some serious maintenance required. I don't know how long ago you posted your request online or if you have found one already but this one is available to take away if you can arrange the transport in exchange for a small donation. I don't know much about it other than it has a transistor Amplifier rather than the more usual valve version which may prove to be easier to maintain. I'll take a few photos of it and email these to you. You can always come up and see us and examine the organ in person. we love having guests up here and it's a great place for a holiday.

PS If you are interested in motoring, google "NC 500"

regards Ron.
Electronic Organs / Cantor digital (Musicom
Last post by CCINS - September 25, 2023, 07:48:03 PM
Hi - I'm in Newark-on-Trent and am new to the group. I've just acquired a working Cantor Organ (2 Man). I haven't been able to determine the model number but the "processor" board has a PROM labelled Spec-1.557 30-05-91 Cant85E. I'm looking for schematics but any assistance would be appreciated.
Organ concerts / Re: Bournemouth Pavilion Theat...
Last post by David Pinnegar - July 04, 2023, 09:38:11 PM
Thanks so much for drawing these to attention! What a programme!

Best wishes

David P
Organ concerts / Holy Cross, Daventry
Last post by David_M - June 07, 2023, 01:48:14 AM
Malcolm Pentelow is giving a recital on Sunday 25th June 2023 at 7.30pm.

The programme has Norwegian and Bells threads with works by Hovland, Buxtehude, Bach, Brautigam, Eftestol, Delius and Murill.

Holy Cross, Daventry has a fine Henry Willis organ built in 1860 and restored to original condition in 1988 by Kenneth Tickell and Company. The organ is now in the care of Henry Willis & Sons.

Please come to hear and appreciate this wonderful instrument.

David Muggleton. (Organist, Holy Cross, Daventry.)
Organ concerts / Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre -...
Last post by mikeb - April 02, 2023, 11:14:21 AM

Installed in 1929 for the opening of The Pavilion, the prestigious Compton Organ has been at the heart of the theatre for nearly 100 years. And starting Thursday 23 March 2023, until the end of August, a number of talented organists will take to the stage at 1pm to entertain guests with an hour of popular light organ music.

'Light in style', music will be from the 1950s to the present day, including popular tunes from past eras, music from the musicals and the occasional light classical march.

Money raised from the shows will contribute to the ongoing financial support and maintenance of the theatre's Compton Organ. Please note, this is a walk-in concert, tickets are £5 on the door, cash only with no advance bookings available.

Thursday 23 March 2023:      Cameron Lloyd

Thursday 30 March 2023:      David Ivory

Thursday 27 April 2023:      Michael Wooldridge

Thursday 18 May 2023:      Andy Quin

Thursday 25 May 2023:      Donald MacKenzie

Thursday 1 June 2023:      Richard Hills

Thursday 8 June 2023:      Byron Jones

Thursday 15 June 2023:      Elizabeth Harrison

Thursday 27 July 2023:      Alec Walters

Thursday 3 August 2023:      John Mann

Thursday 24 August 2023:    Michael Wooldridge
Organ concerts / Saturday Lunchtime recital - R...
Last post by revtonynewnham - August 04, 2022, 10:12:28 AM

If you're in the Rugby area on Saturday (6th August 2022) you may like to make your way to St Peter John (sic) church in Clifton Road, where I and a couple of other local organists are giving a short recital.  The recital starts at 1 o-clock and refreshments are available from 12:00.

The recital is free (retiring collection).  I'm playing 2 pieces, a rare hymn setting by George Shearing, and Geoffrey Burgon's "Brideshead Suite" in an organ transcription.  I'm not totally sure what my colleagues aree playing, but I hear rumours of Buxtehude, Lloyd-Weber and possibly Durufle.  One of our junior members, who recently attended our "Organ for Pianists" event is also playing - so come and support the younger generation.  See you there.

Every Blessing

Organs in danger / Re: Harrison and Harrison at C...
Last post by David Pinnegar - February 05, 2022, 03:28:16 PM
Another recording of this instrument, Robin Wells playing the Guilmant Organ Symphony, is on

Best wishes

David P
Organs in danger / Re: Harrison and Harrison at C...
Last post by David Pinnegar - February 02, 2022, 11:11:47 PM
demonstrate well what this instrument is all about.

As for the instrument being too loud . . . it can't compete with 700 young people and full orchestra. These sounds must be of the most magnificent of any.

It is of an enormous loss to the organ and musical world, and a loss to our British musical heritage.

It exemplifies why there should be a conservation Code of Conduct for organ builders to ensure that organs are not wilfully destroyed and people be encouraged to keep such instruments in place. The organ conservation world lags behind almost every other area of conservation and ICOMOS specifically values nowadays what is known as "intangible" heritage - which includes the sound of a place. This organ is intrinsic to the sound of its place.

Best wishes

David P
Electronic Organs / One pair of ready-built electr...
Last post by kaspencer - January 28, 2022, 12:07:57 AM

I have had a significant amount of interest in my Electronic Stop Labelling (ESL) Project, some from this forum, as well as from elsewhere, and so I trust that the moderators will not object to me offering this item of news via this group, as it answers questions which have been raised to me by a number of group members.

Many people have contacted me about the Electronic Stop Labelling Project (ESL) and the associated kit of principal parts. It is one of those features that so many players of Hauptwerk consoles who happen to have a significant number of installed organs would love to have on their own consoles.

A goodly number of people have bought the Core Kit Construction Manual, and some have been brave enough to seek some of the core kit parts. But I am the first to accept that it is a daunting prospect for anyone except those accustomed to building this kind of electronic project. On top of that, the LCD Labelling dialogue (although we use OLEDs rather than LCDs) in Hauptwerk is also quite daunting, and rather fussy, especially for a 100+ stop instrument. Fortunately the ESL project includes quite a lot of advice on that part of the system so that it may be used a little more ergonomically.

So I set about building a pair of stop plates, exactly as per the Core Kit Construction Manual – that is, in addition to those that are already in my own console, and which have been in use for almost two years now.
Having completed that build, I am announcing the availability of the pair of ready built stop plates, one for your Right Jamb and one for your Left – complete and tested, ready to install into stop jamb housings, and connect to your MIDI Encoders and Decoders.

Send in your expression of interest by email to – email messages only please -  and I will send you a detailed 14 page description of the ready-built system. There is only one pair built currently and available, so of those declaring interest, I'm afraid that in the end only one can be lucky on this occasion!

Here is a picture of those self-same stop plates that I am referring to. They are ready and waiting for your interest.

With best wishes
Kenneth Spencer