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big Willis III, Liverpool Cathedral, being restored, still raising funds

Started by flared_ophicleide, March 27, 2012, 12:04:23 AM

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For those who don't know, Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is raising funds to continue restoring the famous 5-manual Willis III.  Ian Tracey, organist titulaire, also has an adopt-a-pipe program connected with this.  I've already made a couple contributions myself.

Here's a link to the printable application (2 pages)....

If you have trouble getting in, try going through google.

Page one is a brief description of this appeal and includes minimum amounts of a donation according to what sort of stop you want to adopt from.
Page two is the application itself.  At the bottom is the address to where to send funding (to play it safe, I added 20 St. James' Rd. to the address to be sure my $$ gets to the right place).