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Sponsor a pipe and help Barry's All Saint's Church reach organ appeal target

Started by KB7DQH, May 30, 2012, 11:10:18 PM

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QuoteSponsor a pipe and help Barry's All Saint's Church reach organ appeal target

4:10pm Sunday 27th May 2012 in News

THE organ appeal at All Saints Church, Barry was launched in May 2011. A total of £70,000 is needed to repair and restore the church's fine pipe organ, and in the first 12 months of the 24-month appeal, over £45,000 has been raised.

This has been achieved through donations, a continuous calendar of fundraising events and successful grant applications. The fundraising sub-committee is now into the second phase of its fundraising strategy and Sunday, May 27, will see the launch of a pipe sponsorship scheme. It is hoped that this initiative will help to reach the target of £70,000 by the end of May 2013.

The organ at All Saints Church contains more than 1,700 pipes. These vary in length from under two feet up to 16 feet. The smallest are just as important as the largest, as each plays its own part in producing the glorious mixture of sounds which the organ offers.

Sponsoring a pipe operates in the same way. Individual donations, small or large, will combine towards the overall cost of restoration.

Single pipe sponsorship ranges from £25 for a small pipe up to £200 for the largest pipes. There is also scope for sponsorship of a whole rank (set) of pipes, by organisations or businesses. Pipe sponsorship is a one-off donation not an annual payment.

Suzanne Grover said: "Anyone can dedicate a pipe or pipes to a person or persons special to them, both past and present.

"We can all think of someone who has had a positive influence on our lives whom we may wish to remember in this unique way. And this opportunity may be used, not only to remember loved ones, but also to commemorate a special event such as a birth, baptism, confirmation, marriage, special anniversary or birthday.

"It is also possible to sponsor a gift to someone else or simply to yourself. You can sponsor a single pipe or as many as you wish," she added.

"All sponsors will receive a commemorative certificate and details will be recorded in a book of donors which will be a permanent record kept in All Saints Church for posterity."

The pipe sponsorship scheme is open to anyone and support for the scheme from individuals, businesses or organisations will be gratefully received. For further information see the website at or email

Pipe sponsorship leaflets which contain all the necessary information plus sponsorship forms are available at All Saints Church from May 27, or telephone 01446 748621.

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