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Key holder/trainee tuner

Started by David Wyld, July 05, 2012, 07:53:49 PM

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David Wyld

Does anyone know of a likely lad (or lass) in the southeast London area that is currently out of employment or at least looking for part-time employment, that would like to try going around with a full-time tuner holding keys in the first instance and hopefully, dependent on facility and interest, beginning the training as a tuner?

We would also welcome interest from any older people who might have time on their hands and wishing to occupy some of that time in the same way.

David Wyld
Henry Willis & Sons.



I wish there was a facebook "like" button to apply to certain posts as this is one of them . . . We'll make it a "Sticky Topic" until an appropriate candidate is found. . .

Best wishes

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Hello David,

This opportunity certainly sounds very interesting.

I'm 26 and I work as a part-time cleaner for an engineering company (27+ hours per week). I am not an organist but I was taught the piano to grade 5. I have recently put together a small practice organ using a couple of MIDI keyboards and a 32-note pedalboard that I built a MIDI encoder for and play through one of the keyboards. I am using this set-up to learn to play the pedals. I have some skills in electronics and I joined the Electronic Organ Constructors Society this year.

I understand very little about tuning instruments although I have read about tuning with beats and this is a subject that I would like to learn more about.

I live in Worthing, West Sussex, so I'm quite a distance from London, but it's not too far to travel.

I have not been actively seeking new employment but this does sound very much like something that would interest me, either in addition to my current evening job or otherwise.

All the best,

David Wyld

Thanks William - I should have said (of course!) private messages would be probably be best from candidates themselves.

West Sussex is probably too far in this case I'm afraid: we really need a possible pool of several people on the southeastern side of London and as its a matter of picking up by car to each job, rail travel or long-distance car travel in that corner of the country is somewhat impractical!

If you think it would be worth getting in touch, please do call me: the Works number is 0151 298 1845.

Best wishes,



This sounds an excellent idea. Sadly, I live too far away, in West Somerset, but wish you well in finding a suitable candidate.


It sounds very interesting to me too, as I am just about to retire.  Unfortunately, I live even further away!
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Sorry to piggy back on to someone elses thread but i'm also looking for key holders in the south west of England, Bristol and north Somerset area. Anyone interested please get in touch. Would suit retired people or students with spare time looking to earn a bit of cash.


Well if anyone wants a key-holder/trainee tuner in the south Manchester/north-east Cheshire area, I'd be interested!
A missionary from Yorkshire to the primitive people of Lancashire


I can key hold  :)

Cardiff isnt too far from bristol anyway....


No takers, then?  I'm retired and will do it for nowt!
A missionary from Yorkshire to the primitive people of Lancashire