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St Mary’s Church needs Rs30,000 to restore pipe organ

Started by KB7DQH, July 28, 2012, 12:59:35 PM

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Yes, this one is in India...

QuoteThe 143-year-old pipe organ at the St Mary's Church in Camp is in need of urgent repairs. However, lack of funds has stalled the work for its repairs. Now, the church is launching a mass appeal for generating funds for the repair.

Not only the church, which is the city's oldest dating back to 1825 and built by Britishers, even the organ has quite a history. It reached Pune (then known as Poona) in1869, when an organ chamber had to be built for its reception. In a few years, it started disintegrating, and was sent to England for repairs and a harmonium was brought in its place. Only in the 1905, was the organ, thoroughly repaired and renovated, reinstalled and launched to be played.

On July 3, the church completed 187 years in the city. Its current presbyter-in-charge, Rev Sumesh Jacob told DNA, "The pipe organ has been around since 1869, and now the condition of the organ is such that only around 60% of the pipes are working. The manufacturers in United Kingdom have estimated a cost of about Rs30 lakh for its restoration. We are appealing to the members of the church in particular and society in general to save this legacy of the church and the city."

The pipe organ at St Mary's Church is the second oldest such surviving organ. The oldest, built over ten years before this one, is in Chennai.

Christopher Grey of Walker Instruments inspected the pipe organ and opined, "We find the organ is in a bad condition. It is remarkable that it is still making any sound at all. A complete overhaul will give good quality service for the next 100 years, before any major work is required again."

Presbyter-in-charge Rev Jaco applealed, "The church is in need of Rs30 lakh. We appeal to the congregation and well-wishers to donate generously. Donations can be sent in as cheque, demand draft or pay order directly to church's bank account."

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