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Sheffield Cathedral

Started by revtonynewnham, October 10, 2012, 02:54:35 PM

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Jonathan Lane

It is indeed sad that there is no pipe organ, however it is a very difficult building, and perhaps the  answer is a three manual at the west end and the electronic for accompaniment of the choir. Myself, I'd put a pipe organ in for the choir too, even if was in the way! Perhaps a solution similar to Blackburn is the answer.

Barrie Davis

Its a pity they could not do something similar like Lancaster Priory.

David Drinkell

It is, as we've noted before,  an extremely awkward shaped building from the organ point of view, although I should imagine it has lots of potential as a compendium of different spaces for the various uses to which a modern city cathedral can be put.  I guess that, in the fulness of time, they will settle on something exciting and worthwhile.


I wish I shared David Drinkell's optimism. Organ thinking in the Uk is still in the Edwardian era for many with one notable recent rebuild not even making a nod to direct any sound into the nave of the building.

David Drinkell

Trying to think which one....

However, when you think about it, until the later nineteenth century, all cathedral organs were designed to speak into the Quire with no thought given to how they sounded in the Nave. Edwardian is getting quite fashionable these days.