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Samuel Green organ for Düsseldorf

Started by Pierre Lauwers, March 13, 2013, 09:06:09 AM

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Pierre Lauwers

The organ, built 1795, was in St. Mary in Chatham.
It came 1992 in Klais workshop.
After a *restoration*(1), it will be re-opened this March, 18,
in a Düsseldorf church:

(1) With "Restoration" is meant: As far as possible, to respect the original state,
as far as it is known, compasses, temperament etc included; even old nails to be
re-used whenever possible, etc etc....

I suppose there is no need to remind anyone about the very high esteem Samuel Green deserves. His historical significance cannot be over-esteemed, for Britain of course but also for central Europe, as he could well have inspired Abt Vogler (chromatic design of the soundboards; larger-scaled basses; general enclosure...) in his famous "simplification system" (which was important from an historic viewpoint, while it is blatant that he sometimes had done better to simply copy the english model!)

Best wishes,