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Started by matt h, May 19, 2013, 04:19:42 PM

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matt h


I'm getting on with the house organ, and the next big challenge is the windchest.  Has anyone any idea as to what kind of leather organ builders are using for the pallets these days? Is it still the white sheepskin or is there a modern substitute? And where does one go about getting the correct grade?  I also need to know what kind of glue to use, is it still the traditional hide glue or would something like Evostick be suitable?


David Drinkell

My 1927 4m Casavant has a big problem with perished leather on the reservoirs.  We can't afford a big restoration just yet, so we bought a sheepskin for $50.00 from the local saddlery and have been patching away ever since.  If you want to know what grade to get, have a look inside another organ and see.

From my observations, modern glue is widely used in the trade, so it should be ok for you.



Traditional hot glue should be used on palletts and other parts that will need re-doing again at some future date - it's removable without causing damage to the wooden parts. For patching, anything that does the job is fine.

Every Blessing


matt h


I'll have to invest in a glue pot then. I remember reading years ago that hot glue makes the leather less brittle because of the way it sets (it freezes in the pores, hence does not soak in so much). I didn't think that would be quite as big a problem for the pallets as for the reservoir, but hadn't thought of the problem of re-leathering.  To be honest I'm not looking forward to that stage now, by all accounts animal glue is rather pungent!



Hi all, new here
I was recommended to use kangaroo leather (not really and issue for me, being an Aussie) for bellows by an organ builder in New Zealand, but I'm not sure that applies to the rest of the organ aswell.