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Canterbury Cathedral

Started by Barrie Davis, July 17, 2013, 12:20:42 PM

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Quote from: revtonynewnham on May 09, 2014, 10:29:39 AM

I've never found any problems with Compton's double-touch pistons - a far more sensible idea IMHO than "great & Pedal Pistons coupled" which makes it impossible to pre-set the Great registration if you're playing on another manual & pedals!  I've also not had problems with their double-touch cancelling stop keys or drawstops - another very useful idea.  (I did have issues with Rushworth & Dreaper's double-touch cancels - I guess they tried to economise or "improve" the design after they took over Compton.  The one organ of theirs, which I used to play annually, was a nightmare as the 2nd touch springs were far too weak - adding the Great Mixture or Swell to Great could all too easily cancel the rest of the Great stops!)

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This is indeed irritating - but I had thought that Rushworths also provided a 'Double Touch Canceller', which, so to speak, cancelled the canceller. (Or perhaps this was J.W. Walker - or even Hele & Co....)
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No double-touch canceller on that particular organ - it's the one case where I would have appreciated it!  If I was the organist, I think I'd have had the 2nd-touch disconnected on stops that were never going to be used by themselves - and definitely on the couplers!  The organ is in Hastings - (or at least it was - I've not been there for over 20 years).

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