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Queensbury NY organ update

Started by Steve Best, December 17, 2010, 11:04:30 PM

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Steve Best

The Glens Falls NY Post Star has just released this article about the destruction of the Queensbury organ.


When Google Alerts stuck that link in my inbox I immediately stuck it at the end of the "too late" thread...

However it gave me an opportunity to have a look at the comments that have appeared since.

"Scooter" has the right idea though...

QuoteI was going to offer a comment that this appears to be a very poor decision indicative of poor management of the church's assets and resources. I was also going to question whether there were other motives involved. It seems like there could have been any number of other courses that would have resulted in less waste and fewer hurt feelings.

:o No Kidding

I think some of the commenters reallyneed to have a look at a series running in a Montreal
newspaper to get a better feeling for what a tragedy this event really is...

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