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The «Dynamic Wind Organ» – Research Object or Practical Instrument?

Started by organforumadmin, September 11, 2011, 01:15:53 AM

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Prof. Daniel Glaus
Prof. Pascale Van Coppenolle

Engineering, instrument building and music history have revolutionized
organ building. A research project directed by the organist and composer
Daniel Glaus goes to the heart of the organ: to its wind. The organ's wind
has always represented the immutable principle of church music, but now
flexible wind opens a range of sonic possibilities that surpasses even the
boldest expectations. Three working prototypes were built of an organ
that can change its dynamics and timbre on the basis of key pressure,
thus leading to new possibilities in technique and expression. The organ
was developed using conventional mechanical construction techniques.
Particular attention was given to practical matters. The prototypes were
shown in many concerts, and compositions were commissioned that
made use of the new capabilities of the INNOV-ORGAN-UM. The project
generated great interest in the scientific community and in the musically
interested public. In November 2011, a fourth prototype in combination
with a conventional organ will be inaugurated in the city church in Biel.

David Pinnegar