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Pipe organ gravestones and plaques / Re: Bryceson Bros.' magnum opus
« on: October 29, 2021, 09:30:21 PM »
I was organist at St Peter's when this organ was installed and can confirm a few details. The organ has 38 speaking stops including a 32' Acoustic Bass which was added new when the organ came to Buckie. Other than this, it is largely the organ from the 70s that came from Fort Augustus in 2000, where it was already starting to deteriorate in an empty building. New solid state relays were fitted along with a midi interface which allows the organ to be played "virtually" from a disk player.
The Trigon Flute is the main 8' Flute on the Great. The pipes are triangular section - rather like Toblerones, and it is typical of the 70s in sound with lots of chiff. Interestingly, the organ previously in St Peter's also had an 8'Flute with triangular pipe, but much less chiff. The pipework from this organ (but not the worn out action) went to a church in Motherwell. The spec of both organs can be seen on the NPOR site.

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