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The administrator of the Helston and Lizard Methodist Church circuit has asked me if anyone would be interested in an organ they no longer have any use for. The building is to be cleared. Details can be found by searching the NPOR under 'Kenneggy'.
It is IIP tracker with only 9 ranks. O.D., Dulc., Clarabella and StBass at 8' with Principal 4' on the Great and Gambe, Lieblich Gedact and Violin D all at 8' on the Swell. The usual pedal Bourdon 16' as well. The Violin Diapason apparently replaced the original Oboe 8' (making the organ slightly less interesting!)
It is not clear whether the Organ builders Chenery & Lock were the original builders or simply responsible for the renovation in 1976. I'm afraid I've been too lazy to look them up to check.
There is a photo of the organ on the NPOR page.
And this shows the horizontally mounted roller board beneath the Great soundboard.
The pedal pneumatics with an untidy repair
The windows picture manager does not allow a specific file size to be chosen, but selects between too small or too big sometimes. Here is one that is really too small!
Windows picture manager appears to only allow certain compressions, the one lower than 200kb is 38kb, where much detail is lost. I shall try the 200kb first in case it works
I just need to compress them to below 190 kb. Am working on that.
Thanks for the pictures you sent via email. This site has a maximum limit to the size of file you can add this is why they would not attach.
The organ is tracker (with aluminium squares) but the pedal is pneumatic and quite a few of the Great bass notes are tubed off as well. In addition the roller board I can make out is mounted horizontally under the great, so you may not have noticed it.

My main problem is that I am looking for a free standing instrument and this one was made to fit in a stone alcove. It is not clear that the pedal chest could be moved to form a side wall as the slider action appears to be mounted on it.
I'm also slightly concerned about the evidence of electricians being in and would need to know that any disturbance they has caused had already been dealt with by the OBs maintaining the organ.
Aslo our height restrictions are 3m70 at the sides rising to a clearance height of 5m18. There is no photograph of the front pipes, so I can't even estimate.

We can discuss details via email.
Would it be possible to see the pictures please. And do you know the height? I am currently sourcing an organ for a church in my dioscese but the Church is based in an 18th century Palazzo with a height limit of 5.18 m