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Favourite organists, just for fun!

Started by Holditch, December 29, 2011, 12:16:27 PM

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Is either that blonde hair or tan not out of a bottle? Nah, sorry, give me a natural brunette English rose every time. Very impressive and all that, just not THAT interesting.


I guess for me certainly Carlo Curley and Virgil Fox would be included. if we are including electronic instruments and non classical style then Barbara Dennerlain and Joey DeFrancesco as well.
but of course this list is subject to change ! 

regards Peter B


Have you seen the video of Barbara Dennerlein doing her jazz thing on the big Skinner in Rockefeller Chapel at the University of Chicago? Pretty impressive stuff and far more bearable than the squealing of a Hammond...

As I'm now at a PC, here's the link:


Professor Gordon Phillips:

Margaret Evelyn Cobb, Mus.B, first Organist of the rebuilt St. Lawrence Jewry-next-Guildhall, London 1957


This is just for fun, right?

Well, Diane Bish. Anyone who has the guts to play the organ in their pyjamas, and on TV too, just has to be worth mentioning. Its for fun, right?

Outfits one and two :-

Outfit 3, with another rendition of Elgar's Nimrod, for comparison, on a different organ :-

You may laugh, but the dear lady has kindly agreed to come and play at our opening recital on our glorious N+B, if ever we finish it before she dies.

Reminder - this is for fun, right?

Barrie Davis


She certainly brings a smile to my face and I hope you complete the N&B soon as I would love to come and see and hear her play it!!!!

Best wishes



QuoteI have not yet heard
11. Paul Carr, although there are members here who rave about him . . . and it would be great to see him telling us more about his concerts in the concerts section of this forum . . .

Best wishes

David P

If you still haven't, you can take the opportunity to hear his debut CD with Regent, which is also the first solo recording of the 1994 Walker in St Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham.

Stunning playing and an interesting choice of works...

Hakim - Ouverture Libanaise
Hendrie - Toccata and Fugue in F sharp minor
Dupré - Esquisse No 1 & No 2 (Op 41)
Purcell arr. Dupré - Trumpet Tune
Prokofiev trans. Guillou - March (Love of 3 Oranges)
Ravel trans. David Briggs - Daphnis et Chloé
Briggs - Variations on Greensleeves
Berlioz arr. W.T. Best - Hungarian March
Litaize - Scherzo (Douze Pièces)
Reuchsel Nuages ensoleillés sur le Cap Nègre (Promenades en Provence)


Favourite organist?  Just for fun?

The thought occured to me that there was only ever one very funny organist, who happened to be one of my favourite jazz piano perfomers.

I refer of course to the late Dudley Moore, who was an organ-scholar at Oxford in his student days.

I stumbled across a documentary about him, which is serialised in full on Youtube, and interesting it is too.

However, in the second video, there is a wonderful clip of "Dud" playing the organ: the St Anne prelude to be precise, and with considerable panache.

There were so many facets to this extremely talented and fascinating celebrity, and even now, his loss leaves something of a void.



Dudley Moore? Who Knew... Along this line of thought I will add Fred Rogers, of the PBS series "Mister Rogers Neighborhood"...   Upon viewing a documentary about this individual, it was mentioned he enjoyed in his youth playing the piano, but strangely enough all the pictures clearly showed a two-manual instrument equipped with Hammond-style drawbars... definitely not a piano :o ;) ;D

I could also reasonably by some stretch of the imagination add Guiseppe Verdi to the list, who began his musical career as an organist, then went on to "compose a couple operas" ;)

Anyone else we can add to the list ???

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I don't know of enough organists to say that I have a favourite but I find myself listening to Roucher du Toit every now and then on youtube.
Fanfare for Organ:
War March of The Priests:

And my one for fun; J. Ortloff playing 'Springtime for Hitler':


Of the many organists I've had the pleasure of hearing live at our local Saturday lunchtime Organ Proms in Stoke-on-Trent's Victoria Hall, my favourite is without doubt Thomas Trotter. He first caught my attention on the radio many years ago when he was organ scholar at King's College Chapel Cambridge for the annual Lessons and Carols probably during the late 1980's.

My favourite organist from my CD and vinyl collection of organ albums (numbering about 35) has to be Kevin Bowyer. I have yet to hear him live but he does sometimes make an appearance on Sunday Worship on BBC R4.