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Holt Organ needs new home

Started by mjwalker32, May 10, 2017, 09:47:49 AM

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I have a Holt two-manual plus pedals reed organ that I'd like to donate to a new home ASAP.  It is in good working condition and comes with a B.O.B. blower.

David Pinnegar

This sounds most interesting. Where are you based? Might it be possible to send me a photo? Email antespam><?at:?/(gmail>-*^>dot$%&com

Best wishes

David P



If you can let me know where the organ is located and perhaps send a couple of pictures I can circulate info to the reed organ contacts that I have.

Many years ago I used to play a 2mp Holt regularly.  They're pretty good examples of "pipe organ substitute" reed organs, broadly filling the market share currently taken by digital instruments.

Also, the Reed Organ Society ( is keen to build a database of reed organs.  It would be good if you coulld register the instrument with them (on-line forms on the web site).

Every Blessing



Further details of the organ: (pictures to follow)
Holt 2MP/8 Reed Organ number 1532
Great:   Swell:
Principal 4'   Oboe 8' (derived?)
Dulciana 8' (derived)   Flute 4'
Open Diapason 8'   Cornopean 8'
Hohl Flute 8'   Lieblich Gedacht 8'
Stopped Diapason 8'   
Pedal:   Couplers:
Bourdon 16' (derived)   Swell Super
Open Diapason 16'   Swell-Great
   Swell Sub

2x 61 note manuals, 30 note pedals, usual Holt style
1x balanced swell pedal
1x pedal for RH treadle (not connected)
hand pump handle
wind regulator
electric blower (B.O.B.) – slow startup

The organ has a light oak case as seen in the photos. It has hinged panels on the lid which can be propped open. Whilst most of the stop names (with the exception of the Stopped Diapason) are normal for a Holt of this period (around 1933), the Swell suboctave coupler is very unusual. There is no 16' manual rank, which is also most unusual for a reed organ. The next picture shows the rear of the instrument, the Swell key action, pedal coupler action, LH stop action and secondary reservoir for Swell reed chest. The Swell super and sub octave couplers are at the front, above the Swell reed chest, super at the front and sub at the rear pushing down on the pitmans.

The blower (British Organ Blower, Stevenson, Derby) works well and produces plenty of wind (actually suction in this case) but has a slow startup (up to 3-4 minutes) and would benefit from a motor overhaul.
Optimum footprint (to allow space around the back if necessary, and the blower) is approx 2m x 2m.

David Pinnegar

Unfortunately there is a technical difficult in uploading the photos at the moment and I have been thwarted in my attempts to help on this. The instrument looks to be in exceptionally good condition and looks to be an excellent practice instrument.

Best wishes

David P