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Has interest in organs finally died? Dinosaurs of music?

Started by David Pinnegar, October 29, 2017, 12:21:52 AM

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David Pinnegar

I'm wondering if with the new figures showing the dead end of the Church of England with so few children attending church that the organ is now finally a dinosaur . . . ?

Best wishes

David P


I sincerely hope not.

I have a long-standing interest in the pipe organ and, although I am an atheist, I attend churches and cathedrals not only to enjoy organ recitals but also to appreciate the architecture and history of the places.  I should also mention that I am also impressed by the peaceful and welcoming atmosphere of most of these places.

I can't believe I'm the only non-Christian with such interests!

Hopefully, as the following of most religions seems to be waning, perhaps churches may yet survive with functions such as meeting places, musical venues and, yes, organ concerts.
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Fr. Otto

Yet, on the Theatre/Cinema Organ sites, it's claimed that there is a stirring of interest among younsters who've never seen or heard of such things before and are intrigued by it all - even down to the popular music of the pre-War era: perhaps this could be a way of luring them back! ...Might work better than by trying to bring the popular music of today (usually = what was popular in the Vicar/Minister's day!) into Church.