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The Fokker organ . . .

Started by David Pinnegar, April 25, 2019, 12:26:04 PM

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David Pinnegar

It probably couldn't be done with pipes . . .
but inspirational nevertheless.

Hideously difficult to navigate

Best wishes

David P


I remember seeing an 'enharmonic' organ at the erstwhile harmonium museum in Saltaire.

I have a photograph I took at the time, though I'm not sure whether I can post it on here.  (It is, of course, a harmonium rather than a pipe organ.)
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Interesting video David.

I've seen (and even once attempter to play) the Harmonium when it was at Saltaire - but to be fair, that was designed more to demonstrate the principals of intervals, etc. than a fully functional musical instrument.

Microtonal music is certainly an interesting area.

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