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Too late...

Started by pwhodges, October 29, 2010, 08:41:33 PM

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eun pots

Harold spoke for about half an hour about the organ and played a recital consisting of:
Praeludium in D, Buxtehude
Nun Bitten Wir Den Heiligen Geist, Bustehude
Preambule, Vierne
Noel sur les Flutes, Daquin
Chant de Paix, Langlais
Trinity Chhimes, Wilson
Trumpet Voluntary in C, Young,
Noel with Variations, Balbastre. 

Someone recorded it (possibly the previous recital organist) and I'm hoping they will post it.  Their next recital in the unveiling series is December 6 and a dedication concert on January 17.  I'll share the stop list when I re-type it from the program.  The church was also selling pipes from their old organ as a fund raiser.  All the wooden ones sold immediately. 


Have there been any updates on the "research" to the DeMarse organ that was destroyed in Queensbury, NY back in 2010?  I've not heard or seen anything more about that situation in quite some time.  Thanks!