Organ matters - Organs matter!

Organs in danger

[1] Organs on eBay or for urgent sale

[2] Organs in danger

[3] Pipe organ gravestones and plaques

Organs preserved

[4] Organs Preserved

The Zurich Resolution 2011

[5] The Zurich Resolution 2011

Organs wanted

[6] Organs wanted

Organ History

[7] Organ History

Restoring organs

[8] Restoring pipe organs

Organ registration

[9] Organ registration

Organ courses

[-] Organ courses

[-] Organ tuition

Organ Music, Repertoire and Performance

[-] Organ Music and Repertoire

[-] Performers worthy of particular recommendation and interesting repertoire

[-] Performance technique, style and practice

Local Organist Associations

[-] Local Organist Associations

Inspirational instruments

[-] Inspirational instruments

[-] The Dom Bedos heritage - Albi and St Maximin

[-] Interesting instruments near nice places for a holiday

Organ Builders

[-] Organ Builders


[-] Questions of Temperament

[-] Absolute pitch - A440 or C256?


[-] Harpsichords

Organ Building

[-] Organ building and maintenance

[-] New Pipe Organs

Organ concerts

[-] Organ concerts

[-] Other Keyboard concerts by Young Musicians

[-] Outstandingly interesting concerts by any musicians on any instrument

From our local DJ

[-] From our local DJ

House Organs

[-] House Organs

Electronic Organs

[-] Electronic Organs

[-] Sampling pipe organs and analogue electronics

[-] Compton Electrones

[-] EOCS - Electronic Organ Constructors Society

Wurlitzers . . . Cinema Organs and Fairground instruments

[-] Cinema Organs and Fairground instruments

Reed organs and harmoniums

[-] Reed organs and harmoniums


[-] Building and Room Acoustics

Miscellaneous & Suggestions

[-] Miscellaneous & Suggestions

[-] Not just Organs need to survive 2020! Grow food!


Link resources

[-] Index of Links to organs mentioned in diverse posts elsewhere on this forum

[-] Sources of sheet music

[-] YouTube and other MP3 recordings of organs and organ music or other music of relevance

Organs can modify the way we perceive

[-] Atheists' Corner

[-] Agnostics' line

[-] Believers' Corner

[-] Faith, Religion, Ritual and Consciousness

[-] No need for church redundancies - the Kingdom of God is nigh . . .


[-] Fundraising for Churches

[-] Fundraising for an Organ

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