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Title: Press release about a new album
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JAV Recordings, a music label that specializes in recording the pipe organ, has released one of the first audiophile high resolution surround sound recordings of a pipe organ (96khz/24bit, Multichannel 5.1) that is also available as an internet download. The recording features Frederick Teardo in his first solo recording playing a historic Johann Andreas Silbermann instrument in Strasbourg, France

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 12, 2012

Dr. Frederick Teardo, a 31 year old rising star in the American organ scene who has won numerous organ competitions and played concerts at renowned venues across the country, chose to make his first solo recording with JAV Recordings. Teardo holds the Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Yale University and is currently Associate Organist at Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue in New York City. Fittingly, this recording was made in another church named for Saint Thomas the Thomaskirche in Strasbourg, whose historic Johann Andreas Silbermann pipe organ was built in 1741.

This disc features French-influenced organ music of J.S. Bach, as well as works by the French Baroque composers Nicolas de Grigny and Jacques Boyvin. The character of this instrument reflects both French and German baroque tonal influences which makes it an exceptional choice for this recording.

JAV Recordings hired noted German sound engineer Christoph Martin Frommen to make this Surround Sound recording, using high bit rate digital converters and seven DPA Brüel & Kjaer microphones. When listening to this recording on a surround sound playback system the results are remarkable. The spatial relationship and ambient environment of this 16th century Gothic Church are faithfully reproduced, as well as the crystal clear sound of the Silbermann Pipe Organ.

A 24 page booklet with an essay about the music and the organ, a biography of the artist and numerous photos are part of the package. The recording is available in CD format, iTunes download, high resolution stereo and Surround Sound. The booklet is available in PDF format with the downloaded file. For full details visit

About JAV Recordings:

JAV Recordings was founded in 1997 with one mission in mind: to record musicians of the highest caliber, performing on exceptional pipe organs across North America and Europe. Since then, we have been privileged to work with the best talent imaginable, from the artists performing the music, to those behind the scenes producing the comprehensive booklets with photographs and essays that accompany our albums.


Joe Vitacco, owner of JAV Recordings: joe.vitacco(at)pipeorgancds(dot)com
Frederick Teardo, artist: fteardo(at)SaintThomasChurch(dot)org

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