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Next Saturday 19th June at 7.30pm come and hear David Gammie play at St John's Duncan Terrace, Islington. Free entry with collection.

Camille Saint-Saëns (1835 - 1921)
Rhapsody in D, Op. 7/2 (from 3 Rhapsodies on Breton Folksongs)
Fantaisie in E flat
​Con moto - Allegri di molto e con fuoco
'Pro Defunctis', Op 150/6 (from 7 Improvisations)
Prelude & Fugue in E flat, Op. 99/3
Marcel Dupré (1886 - 1971)
Final, Op. 27/7 (from 7 Pieces)
Prelude & Fugue in F minor, Op. 7/2
Invention in A major, Op. 50/11 (from 24 Inventions)
Deuxième Symphonie, Op. 26
​Preludio  -  Intermezzo  -  Toccata

A former Scholar of Winchester College and Balliol College, Oxford, David Gammie began playing the organ as a young teenager, and gave his first public recital in London in 1968, when he was 16. He graduated with a degree in Classical Art and Literature, but music has been the focus of his life for the past 40 years. A competition prize in the 1970s led to his joining the BBC's roster of organists in the days when Radio 3 broadcast two recitals every week; in 1977 he gave the first British broadcast of Franz Schmidt's monumental Chaconne, and in 1980 another first - the first programme to be entirely devoted to the music of Charles Tournemire. Since 2001 David has been Organist and Assistant Director of Music at the Sacred Heart Church in Wimbledon (home to another famous Walker organ, but very different from this one). His solo performances there have included some of the great masterpieces of Catholic sacred music, including Messiaen's Holy Trinity Meditations, Tournemire's Seven Last Words, Dupré's Stations of the Cross, Maleingreau's Passion Symphony, and Petr Eben's Job. He also enjoys working with other musicians; highlights have included a Handel Concerto with the London Mozart Players, the Saint-Saëns Symphony with the Wimbledon Symphony Orchestra, and in 2013 a rare performance of Franz Schmidt's spectacular Fuga Solemnis for organ and 18 brass instruments. In his parallel career as a writer, David has written booklet notes for over 100 CDs, and programme notes for all of Thomas Trotter's Birmingham City recitals since 1983. In another long-standing collaboration with the late John Scott at St. Paul's Cathedral, he has written commentaries on the complete organ works of Buxtehude, Bach, Frank, Widor, Vierne and Messiaen. This year his comprehensive survey of the music of Marcel Dupré has been reprinted in New York to accompany Jeremy Filsell's performance of the complete works at St. Thomas, 5th Avenue.
The other day I went to tune a piano for a friend who has a lovely Steinway. Many of my friends enjoy a wide taste in music but this particular friend is passionate about French Baroque - and it works on the instruments I tune -

The instrument had been played every day for 18 months and particularly in lockdown and the hammers were worn flat, so flat that I re-shaped them as they should be and perhaps the recording might sound smoother as a result.

Best wishes

David P
James Dawson has made a ground-breaking documentary -
gives a taste.

Best wishes

David P

House Organs / Hmmm . . . . anyone want to take her on?
January 20, 2021, 01:27:52 AM
A prize for innovation goes to this lady . . .

House Organs / Gray and Davison at Buckingham Palace
January 20, 2021, 01:13:36 AM
A house organ . . . perhaps rather a larger one . . .

A full five manual about to be restored:

Best wishes

David P
The organ at Kassel St Martin by Rieger Orgelbau

is based on demonstrations heard at the 2011 Zurich symposium

Best wishes

David P
By chance I happened on details of the temperament used at St Maximin -

It's certainly very effective

Best wishes

David P
Inspirational instruments / Goodall's Organs
September 18, 2020, 09:52:14 PM
A friend pointed me to which is certainly a tour of the world's instruments claiming fame . . . .

Best wishes

David P
I haven't been following matters in the organ world closely and with shock saw a photo on FB of JPM with boxes of ivory stop knobs having to be sent for destruction. It didn't dawn on me immediately but the news was rather graver than that of mere stop knons.

Manders have been leading builders, restorers and scholars of organs in our generation and their loss is incalculable. I just hope that they leave behind resources in their wake going to other firms but their demise is a most sad loss to the British organ.

It would be appropriate for others to write more about the achievements of the firm in tribute here, and likewise is the loss of the Mander forum which has been a repository of knowledge from which so many have gleaned inspirations.

Whilst the future of the Mander forum is to say the least, perhaps members from there might feel comfortable communicating here and feel "at home". Tony Newnham, PCND, Barrie Davies and Pierre Lauwers are admins and moderators here and anyone else wanting to take part is welcome and we hope also that you'll feel that moderation here is in good hands.

This forum exists to provide enthusiasm and encouragement to organs and organists and organbuilders. It's also a place where organ builders are welcome to indulge in "free advertising", talking about instruments they're building and without inhibition. It's only about enthusing about new things coming along and the best of the old that perhaps new people will sit up and realise that organs are worth talking about, enthusing, and finding enjoyment.

Best wishes

David P
The instrument of  Waltrin-Callinet-Schwenkedel  restored in 2012 -
It's really great to see a radio station as popular as Classic FM giving the organ an appropriate position on the musical horizon -
and encourages people to play the organ on their laptop . . . !

Best wishes

David P

A friend turned up which gives a brilliant insight into the instrument

Best wishes

David P


This "super little organ" - as described by one of our leading organ builders, has become available due to a change of personnel and policy, mid-stream of a relocation project. It is beautifully made of the finest materials. It was overhauled some years ago by Messrs' Rushworth & Dreaper, including releathering of the pedal and off-note pneumatic motors. The blower has a three-phase motor by Bull, described by an electrical contractor as "very good." There is no asbestos situation, as the blower was previously unencased in an adjoining room. Also with hand blowing with feeders still in place. A very reasonable quotation for an alternative new single-phase blower has already been obtained, should it be required.

Max. height front pipes 5334 / to top of Swell box 3860 / total width of front 3352 (including side panels with dummies extra to main organ) / depth including pedal chest along rear 3352 plus 450 for pedalboard. Pedal chest could be relocated to suit, thus reducing depth.

Great  8   8   8   4   4        Swell  8   8   8   4   8   Pedal  16   8.    Excellent manual tracker action with perfect touch. Pedal pneumatic. Central balanced Swell pedal.

Some ranges of tracker ends have been carefully unbuttoned, the remainder snipped to accommodate the demolition deadline. That apart, and subject to three-phase availability, the organ is "ready to go."

The organ has been professionally dismantled and is stored in secure, temperate atmospheric conditions in Hull, easily accessible for inspection and/or collection at any mutually convenient time.   
built 2004 by Mr R Wood in Huddersfield.
Dimensions - tallest pipe is 9 feet 3 inches, organ is 4 feet 2 inches deep and 5 feet wide
Ped : Bourdon 16
Bass flute 8
Octave 4
Man 1 : Gedackt 8
Principal 4
Mixture 11
Man 2 : Gedackt 8
Flute 4
Nazard 2/3
Octave 2
3 couplers.
Electric action
The organ pipes are protected by a specially made perspex casing.
WEIWUYING 衛武營 National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts
in Fengshan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Klais - three consoles . . .

Worthy of more research!

Best wishes

David P
#20 isn't the only recording on this instrument but it's clearly versatile and inspirational.

Best wishes

David P